Research is the most important part of a project. Simply put, the more you know about how something the better. This is particularly true in the world of product development. We are constantly learning and updating our information to ensure that we provide you with the latest technology in addition to our unmatched service.




We can provide ALL TYPES of drawings for your project. Concept, Patent Search or Submission, Electrical, Mechanical, 2D, 3D, Virtual Solid Model, even Animations. Some examples are below

Patent Submission Drawing - Water Valve Virtual 3D Drawing - Water Valve
Concept Drawing to convey idea Detailed Mechanical Drawing Virtual 3D Solid Model
Virtual PCB CAD - Printed Circuit Board - Micro Motherboard Assembly Drawing - Bill of Materials and Location of components - Test Fixture
Press Animation PCB Parts List


Prototypes are great tools. Functional prototypes allow you to test a products function and make changes to the design before time and money are spent on details. Final Quality Prototypes allow you to see what your product will look like when it is produced by the end manufacturer. They are a great way to present your product to potential investors. We have found that many investors want to see the product, hold it in their hands, and use it prior to spending their money on it. Final Quality Prototypes are good if you want to test the market and do not have capital to startup full production right away, they cost more each but you don't have to order as many


1st run Prototype - Made from sheet steel and quartz element. Functional Prototype (Blue) - made with off the shelf parts.  1st Run Prototype (Black) - Machined from Delrin plastic. 1st run Prototype Circuit Boards - In-house Designed, Assembled, and Programmed.
Functional Prototype - Assembled from store bought parts, In-house manufactured Circuit Boards, and Programming. Inside view of 1st run Prototype from above.  Machined from square block of Delrin Plastic Final Quality Prototype gear and bracket- Injection molded from Plastc and machined from Aluminum
Functional Prototype - Assembled from store bought components. 2nd run Prototype for on-site testing - Assembled  from machined Aluminum, Steel, In-house manufactured Circuit Board, and Programming.. Final Quality Prototype - Manuafctured from Aluminum and Plastic


We can provide many different types of packaging designed to securely hold your product. We have graphic designers that make your product/packaging stand out to consumers. We can produce all needed documentation, software, and packing material. We can provide Prototypes and Final Quality Packaging even if we did not work on your product.

Cardboard box with window Card and Blister Pack Literature / Manuals /Sell Sheets
  Book & Sleeve with cutouts  


We offer low volume manufacturing in-house. This is useful if you want a small production run or if you have a long lead time from the end manufacturer and need product to deliver with a fast lead time. We offer larger volume manufacturing through many of our affiliates in the United States and Overseas.

Plastic Manufacturing equipment - We have CNC Mills, Lathes, Grinders, Injection Molding Equipment, and more... Aluminum
3D Print - Accurate scale model 3D Printer produces Prototypes and Production parts uber fast 3D Print - High Resolution detailed production part
Assembly Machines - We make and own assembly machines of all types Assembly - Circuit board for Test Fixture Assembly - Circuit Board with processor and stepper motor drives



The support provided by is unmatched. We can provide support on an as needed or continuous basis. If you are handling the bulk of your product manufacturing and distribution and just need some help, we can do that. If you want to have us handle everything and make it as simple as you place an order, pay, then product arrives at your door (or your distributor), we can do that also. We are here to help and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service we know of anywhere.