Product Evolution




1) Information for Budgetary Pricing:

We begin every project with a review to determine how far along you are in the process of developing your idea. We can begin your project with a sketch drawing of how the unit should look, a detailed description of how the unit should operate, and what materials are desired. We can start at any step, even work with existing products. Once we determine your needs, we provide you with budgetary pricing for us to take your project to the next step.

2) Design/Development Engineering 1:

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers work together with Software Developers to design your product. We have extensive experience in product manufacturing enabling us to perform this step with the cost of end unit manufacturing in mind. Staying up to date with the latest available components, and keeping track of manufacturing trends allows us to provide you with a level of service and standards few can match. We can now determine firm pricing for a Functional Prototype.

3) Functional Prototype:

A Functional Prototype is a great development tool. Although it may not look like the end product it allows a products function to be tested and refined. From this prototype we get feedback for any changes that are needed for the final product. Sometimes new features are added that were not thought of before. Prototype costs and lead time to produce are kept to a minimum by utilizing readily available parts.

4) Design/Development Engineering 2:

Requested changes and additions are implemented into the design and the program is finished up. Virtual 3D models of all custom parts are created and assembled to ensure everything will fit together as designed. Software tweaks are made. Pricing for Final Quality Product can be determined.

5) Final Quality Product:

We produce Final Quality Products allowing you to see what your product will look like when it is produced by the end manufacturer and your customer has it in their hands. Because we make them here, changes can still be made at this stage prior to final manufacturing. These models can be used to solicit investors, begin marketing, send to end manufacturers as a sample, sell to start making money, or for personal use.

6) Product Packaging:

We can provide many different types of packaging designed to securely hold your product. We have graphic designers that make your product/packaging stand out to consumers. We can provide Prototypes and Final Quality Packaging even if we did not work on your product.

7) Build Package:

At the conclusion of a project we provide you with a Build Package. This contains the files needed for you to get quotes from or have your product and packaging produced by any reputable manufacturer (USA or Overseas).

8) Support:

If you contract with for support - We will take care of evolution changes, manufacturing (USA or Overseas), testing/quality assurance, and shipping to your door or your distributors location. Your product is in safe hands with